The first Elf Letter

Dear Parent,

Plukkido games let you raise your inner child. We want to help you taking the first steps towards playful communication with your children. Let us inspire you
 with new ideas weekly, by sending the Elf letter. What is an Elf letter, you may ask. 

Weekly stories collected in the Elf letter provide new ideas for families using the Benefitto or Land games. Using these stories and ideas the playful parenting with Plukkido games will be less challenging for you, and more interesting for your kid(s).

You find here a new Benefitto story description, a printable elf letter in the attachement, and some instruction before you start the game.
If you don’t have a Plukkido game yet, you can order here directly from the designers.

The new Benefitto story summary:

The legs of the birdie get nipped during nest building, and she cannot move now. However, the elf can climb up the tree, and release her. The Elf can also help to the birdie during the nest building by collecting leaves so the nest would be very-very cosy.  

This basic story is suggested to use this week, and you should find an aim your child needs to be motivated to reach (eg, better cooperation between siblings, without arguing, or a learning process, for instance learning patience, again, without arguing ). This goal will give the focus of the game, and each step made your kid toward the goal results a reward: one Elf step towards the troubled birdie, then, after the rescue, leaves collected to build the nest. Finally, the birdie gives a new figure to the kid’s elf as a present.


– Put the bird figure on the treetop, and a selected elf to the trunk.

– Figure up the main goal, eg. a behavior that you would like to improve (or confirm) with Benefitto, and write into the attached, printable letter.

Print and read out the letter to your kid(s), then let’s start to play.

More ideas for the successful gaming:

– You can figure out two separate goals and related tasks, and reward separately: eg, if you can play with your sisiter/brother, you can move your elf one step towards the birdie. And the second, if you wait a minute for me while I finish my actual task (learning patience), you can give a leaf to the elf and the birdie.

– Bird nest can be prepared from three leaves and placed to the branch.

– Completed and printed elf letter can be put into the same place week-by-week, as a surprise for your kid (you can put into an envelope and pace into the post-box as well).

Hope you will find these ideas useful and the results you achieve by Plukkido games give you the cheerful and positive attitude to deal with small-kid related all-day raring issues.

Next elf letter is coming soon to further help you with Plukkido gaming.

Wishing you loud kid laughing,

The Plukkido Team


Download the first Elf letter here.