Benefitto ideas

In the following, we give you an idea of how to introduce the game to your child, how to explain the rules of the game to him/her and how to give a feedback of his/her behavior in the language of the game. The cases listed below are not supposed to be followed word by word; every family and child is different. Only the parents know best how they can make the child interested in the game and be cooperative. With examples, our goal is to show how many opportunities lay in the game. The areas used are depending on the parent’s ingenuity.



The main goal of the game: climbing trees.

Look, when I came out to the kitchen this morning I found this nice elf. Guess what! He lives on this high tree but at night the cruel witch made a bad storm and blew him off the treetop with a huge gust. Surely, that is his favorite location; he can see anything clearly from there. As you know, the elves are small and you can barely spot them in the grass. Certainly, he is a helping elf. He has to be up high so he can see where he is needed. He told me, only the children can help him back up. And since he fell, he is sad and thus he doesn’t have the energy to climb higher. If you would cheer him up with a good deed, he will get stronger and with your help, he will get back to the top of the tree. Do you know what he said would cheer him up? …. (Insert the parent’s request to their children. For example:)

– If you would eat nicely and not run away from the table.

– If you would put those toys away you are not playing with.

– While Mom is doing laundry or cooking, you would play nicely by yourself or have a conversation with me.

Then the elf will be so happy that he will joyfully jump up a step on the branch.


Other verifications, decorating the tree.

If you want to you can make the elf’s tree prettier. Every day or any time of the day we will see if you completed your chores. After we discuss how you were good, we will put a leaf on the tree.

The elf is always uttering to me how you were able to manage your challenges. Every time when I ask and he says you were great, a leaf will grow on the tree. Therefore it will be prettier and greener little by little; if that is what you want. If he notices a good effort that we didn’t even talk about then the tree will even grow flowers. Would you want your tree to be the prettiest? It is totally up to you.

Your elf will always show you how much he enjoyed how well you were eating. If he liked what he has seen he will put a leaf on the branch he is sitting on. If he sees something else he likes, for example you’re helping Mom or being nice to your siblings, or anything that makes him happy then he will be really kind and give you flowers.


All week (during the game) your elf will wait to get higher and higher and eventually reach the top of the tree. If he succeeds, in return for him helping you to eat (play, get dressed, etc.) better you can give him a present. Look at all these nice things! Which one do you think your elf would like? This one? Let’s put it on the side and if he gets on the top you can give it to him, okay? He can’t wait to get it. Would you help him?


Other challenges or further verifications, catching balloons.

Look, how good you were! You helped your elf climbed this gigantic tree. This is an incredibly great thing. You made Mom and your elf very happy. He likes you so much that he said he wants to play more. Would you like that? Look, there is a rope ladder above the tree. And there is a balloon. It flew up in the sky and got stuck on the sling-bridge. Would you like to try to catch it? If you cleaned up after yourself you can jump up one step with your elf towards the balloon.


Look, who arrived at our home! These two elves will now live with us and are here to help us to be helpful and happy. I asked them to watch over you to not be grumpy with each other (Note: you can mention any problems here that cause difficulties in the family in a daily life). The elves will be watching from the tree and would jump on the next branch in delight. As long as you don’t fight about something you don’t agree on, or you don’t get furious and you discuss it nicely or ask me to help you to come to an agreement. If you fight they will be sad and won’t have the energy to jump to the next branch. They may even fall off the tree. Pick the color of the leaves you would like to collect and choose the side of the tree you would like to climb on to reach the top.


Get into the spirit, more stories smuggled in.

Do you know why it is good for the elf to get to the top of the tree? Guess what! They were playing in the forest meadow when a big storm came and the wind blew their favorite toy up on the tree. (You then pick an item and put it on the top of the tree.) They need your help to reach the top of the tree and get their toy back. Did you know if you do something good they jump in delight and they will get higher on the tree? If all week (day, etc.) you manage not to fight with each other, they can get their toys back. Would you like to help them? If you succeed and you were good you can give your elf a present because he helped you to play more peacefully. You can then pick a new item for your elf. (Note: you can either show the whole set or keep it in secret increasing your child’s curiosity.)

Look, a little elf moved in with us while you were sleeping. Do you know what kind of elf he is? You don’t? It’s a dressing helper elf. Guess what! He sees how well you are getting dressed and can help you. If you pay attention you will always know what he is thinking about because he will show you. He will use secret signs that only we know what they mean. Look at this tree! He will send you messages through this. He lives on it. Three times a day (four, five times a day, depending on how many times the parents want to) he will peek out of his tree to see how well you get dressed.
If you do fine and get dressed nicely by yourself he will stick a leaf on the branch. If you achieve more things he will be happier and will even put a pretty flower on your tree so you see how much he is satisfied with you. Isn’t it beautiful? If you want you can pick what color of the flower you would like on your tree. If you do well all day he will show you one of his treasures and will send you a story about it. Each day he will watch you from a different branch and if he sees a lot of good by the end of the week (or the end of the discussed time) this huge elf tree will be full of leaves and flowers. If you don’t succeed that branch will stay empty. You wouldn’t let that happen, would you? I know how smart you are and how much you like secrets, I’m sure all those branches will turn green and bloom and you will find all those stories of the secret treasures.

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