Playful change with Plukkido

When the child arrives into a family, the fresh parents always consider respect and acceptance towards the newcomer as a goal. Mainly as a no.1 goal. Then as the little baby grows and becomes a conscious child, it’s getting harder and harder remember that no.1 goal. Especially in harder, tiring and stressful situations. Let’s be honest, these times it’s pretty hard to stay in the role of the “cool parent”.
Benefitto aims to be a tool always be there for parents, for you to help them to “negotiate” soberly with your kids even when you are right on the edge of loosing temper. Don’t get us wrong, Benefitto won’t solve all the problems at once instead of you. It’s “just” a methodology.

Benefitto educates not only the kids, it forms the parent as well. Once the parent get used to handle not so easy situations in a playful way, the just get used to it. After a while they’ll use storytelling, little game elements to get through bad moments. The sold 1000+ Benefittos prove that playful acts can shape the the best the kids into a positive direction.

So, Parents out there, dare to be playful!



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