General terms and conditions

This document contains the General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as “GTC”) for the use of the website operated by Senses Studio Ltd. as provider (hereinafter referred to as “Provider”). The GTC contains the terms of use for the available services on the website (hereinafter referred to as “Website”) used by the recipient (hereinafter referred to as “User”), as well as the conditions of sale of products presented on the Website. The GTC come into effect on 31 March, 2014. The Privacy Policy covers the management of the user’s personal data.

This contract is made by Senses Studio Ltd.
Name: Senses Studio Ltd.
Head office: 17 Dozsa Gyorgy Street, Balatonszarszo, Hungary H-8624
Representatives: Judit Tancsics, Balazs Nagy
Corporate registration number: 14-09-314777
Court of registry: Kaposvar Court of Registration
Business registration number: 8816/2014
Business licencing agency: Budapest Capital, IX. District Ferencvaros Mayor’s Office
Tax number: 14172476-1-14
Public tax ID number: HU14172476-1-14
Bank name: UniCredit Bank Hungary Zrt.
Bank account number: 10918001-00000046-92350003
IBAN: HU63 1091 8001 0000 0046 9235 0003
Data protection registration number: In progress
Licence number: In progress
Phone number: +36 20 440 8590
E-mail: info@plukkido.hu

The goal of the Website is the showcase and sale of the Plukkido games. The pictures and color illustrations shown next to the products may differ from reality.
Information on the Website is placed in good faith, but it is used for information purposes only. The Provider is not responsible for the accuracy or completeness of these data.
User may only use the Website at their own risk and accepts that the Provider shall not be liable for pecuniary and non-pecuniary damages arising from its use beyond responsibility for deliberately caused breach of contract damaging human life, physical integrity or health by major negligence or misdemeanor. Provider disclaims all liability for the behavior of the users of the Website. User is fully and solely responsible for their own conduct. In such a case, the Provider will fully cooperate with the authorities acting in order to investigate violations.
The pages of the service may contain connection points (links) that lead to other service providers’ websites. The Provider is not liable for the privacy practices and other activities of these service providers.
The Provider entitled but not obliged to check the content incidentally made available by the Users of the Website, and in respect of the posted content, the Provider is entitled but not obliged to look for signs of illegal activities.
Because of the global nature of the Internet, the User agrees that when using the Website, they are required to act taking into account the provisions of the relevant national legislation. If any activity related to the use of the Website is not allowed according to the State of the User, the responsibility for the usage lies with the User only.
If the User finds any objectionable content on the Website, he/she is required to immediately report it to the Provider. If the Provider considers the warning grounded in the process of good faith, they are entitled to immediate cancellation or modification of the information.
The User shall ensure not to infringe the rights of third parties, either directly or indirectly, when using the Website.
The agreement established under the present GTC between Provider and User shall be terminated if the User deletes their registration or the Provider deletes the User’s registration.
The Website as a whole, its graphical elements, text and technical solutions, as well as service elements are attached to copyright or other intellectual property rights (especially trade mark). The Provider is the copyright owner or authorized purchaser of all content displayed on the Website or during the services available through the Website. This includes any copyrighted work or other intellectual property (including the cost of all the graphics and other materials, the Web interface layout, editing, use of software and other solutions, ideas and implementation).
Saving to physical carriers or different media or printing of the content and other certain parts of the Website for the purpose of private use is permitted only or with prior written consent of the Provider. The use beyond private consumption – for example, database storage, transmission, publication or making downloadable, placing on the market – is only possible with the prior written permission of the Provider.
In addition to the rights expressly set out in these GTC, the registration, the use of the Website or any provision in the GTC does not provide the User with the right to use or utilize any trade name or mark of the Website. In addition to the display in connection with the proper use of the Website and the necessary temporary reproduction and private copying, these intellectual properties can not be used or utilized in any other format without the prior written consent of the Provider.
The information about the content found on the Website can only be used by linked reference on the internet, following these rules:
Prominently, the link shall be marked as the source. The link shall point to a given content item.
Embedding the main or sub-pages of www.plukkido.hu into other websites (for example, using frames) is not allowed.
The linking website should not create the impression that the www.plukkido.hu or the Provider support services or the use or purchase of products provided on that page, unless a written agreement with the Provider as a contracting party has concluded otherwise.
The linking website shall not provide or contain false information about the legal relations between www.plukkido.hu, the Provider and the linking website or generally about other services of the Provider.
The linking website shall not contain legislation, rights of third parties or offensive contents.
In case of violation of the rules, the Provider is entitled to remove the website link immediately, if despite the request, the site operator does not remove it. The Provider is also entitled to claim compensation for the damages incurred related to the infringement.
The Provider reserves all the rights of all the elements of the service, in particular the www.plukkido.hu domain name, the related subdomains and any other domain name reserved by the Provider, its sub-pages and web advertising surfaces. Any activity which aims at listing, organizing, archiving, cracking (hacking), decrypting/unsealing the source code of the database of the Provider, is forbidden unless special permission was granted by the Provider to do so.
Without a separate agreement or the use of the service provided for that purpose, it is prohibited to modify, to copy, to put new data, or to overwrite existing data in the database of the Provider by circumventing the interface provided by the Provider or the search engines.
By using the Service, the User agrees that the Provider may use data uploaded by the User during the use of the Service, anytime and anywhere, without restrictions or additional charge, within the framework of the applicable Privacy Policy.


Terms of Website use and ordering:
Every part of the content of the Website is available for every User for free, without a registration. Therefore, registration is not required for purchases on the Website, so browsing as well as selecting and ordering the products on the Website is possible for the User without signing in and registrating.
General information products and/or services sold in the Online Store

The products displayed on the Website can be bought by electronic ordering. The Provider, liable to taxation, it is not subject to VAT, does not charge VAT in product price.


Information about ordering process and conditions:
The Provider is publishing a call for proposals. By submitting the order, the User as Customer makes an offer. By confirming the offer, the Provider accepts it. Written sales contract is created.

Registration and deleting registration:
Use of the Website and the order does not require registration.

The User may fill out an Ordering form after clicking on the “Order Now” button. After filling out the quantity to be ordered, the delivery method, the required data and accepting the GTC, orders will be submitted to the Provider by clicking on the “Submit Order” button. Then the User gets to an interface allowing payment or recieves a confirmation e-mail to the provided e-mail address that contains the order number and the terms of payment. In case of bank transfer payment in advance, Buyer must provide the order number in the transfer notice. In order to modify, cancel the order before the product has shipped, User shall call this phone number between 9am and 3pm: +36204408590. Editing data entry errors before pressing the “Submit Order” button is by clicking on the data that needs to be corrected. Provider shall not be liable for damages caused by possibly due to incorrectly entered data and technical problems arising during the ordering process. The additional cost due to erroneous information is borne by the User; Provider shall not be liable for them.
Offer commitment, confirmation
User shall be exempt from the offer validity, if without delay, but not later than within 48 hours they do not receive the confirmation e-mail from the Provider about the submitted order.
Terms of payment
The product price shall be paid in advance by bank transfer, cash on delivery or picking up in person by cash. The order number shown in the confirmation e-mail sent by the Provider must be listed in the notes of the bank transfer. In case of picking up in person, bank transfer in advance or cash payment is possible.
Shipping terms
The package ships in the next working day after receiving the payment. The delivery is fulfilled as a package by the MPL within 5-14 business days. In case of a personal pickup, bank transfer must be made 2 days in advance on a date agreed upon by phone or e-mail beforehand. The appointment coordination shall be initiated by the Provider via the contact details provided at the time of ordering.
Personal pickup: temporarily not available
Delivery as a package, solely after bank transfer: 8-10 EUR, 5-14 days
Delivery as a package, cash on delivery: temporarily not available
Provider reserves the right to change the availability of delivery and payment methods, as well as take on the delivery fee through discounts.
User can pick up the product personally after making an appointment at the following address:
Delivered as a package, the product is shipped by MPL, Magyar Posta Zrt.
Upon delivery, a paper-based invoice shall be handed over.

Based on the distance contract in the provisions of the Government Decree 17/1999 (II.5.), the User may withdraw from the contract created on the basis of the present GTC without explanation within 14 working days after receiving the ordered product and may return the product to the head office of the Provider listed on the Website.
The User may validate his right of withdrawal in clear statement sent to the e-mail address info@plukkido.hu within 14 working days of receiving the product. The purchase price shall be refunded to the User within no more than 30 working days of receiving the product. The User shall pay the cost of returning the product. The User is responsible for the misuse of the product and is bound to pay the compensation for the damage caused.

In case of defective product, User is entitled to replacement. Warranty claims must be sent to info@plukkido.hu e-mail address.
Decribing the rules of mandatory guarantees: The product sold does not fall within the scope of Government Regulation 151/2003 (IX. 22.) on mandatory warranty for durable consumer goods.
Complaint handling
Complaint handling provided throught the following contacts by the Provider: E-mail: info@plukkido.hu, Phone: +36 20 440 85 90
In case of dispute, the competent abritiation board is the Somogy County Abritiation Board. Address: 6 Anna St, Kaposvar, H-7400 Hungary.

The offer, after its confirmation is considered a written sales contract. The Provider files the contract electronically along with the order number. The language of the contract is Hungarian, the contract is governed by the laws of Hungary. Provider sends a copy of the filed contract electronically at the request of the User. The product ownership passes to the User upon receiving the product. Issues not regulated by the GTC, the Hungarian law is authoritative and these mandatory provisions of the law are authoritative without any specific clause.
After receiving the product, you shall be entitled to withdraw from this contract within 14 days without any reason. If you want to live with the right of withdrawal, a clear statement of intention of cancellation is required to be sent electronically to the info@plukkido.hu e-mail address or by mail to the 17 Dozsa Gy St, Balatonszarszo, H-8624 Hungary.
The deadline to exercise your right of withdrawal is by sending the declaration of withdrawal before the expiry of the above deadline.
If you withdraw from the contract, you will be refunded all completed payment, including transport costs immediately or within 14 days upon receiving the product. During the refund, the Provider will use a payment method identical to that of the one used in the original transaction.
You are required to return or ship the product to us without undue delay, but not later than within 14 days after the date of notification of the declaration of withdrawal. The deadline is considered to have been observed if the product is sent before the 14 day deadline. The direct costs of returning the product will be borne by you.
The refund shall be withheld until we have received the product.
You are obliged to reimburse us any depreciation. You shall only be liable for diminished value of the product if it occurred due to the use exceeding the use necessary to determine the nature, characteristics and function of the product.